Package horizons :: Package world :: Package production :: Module productionline :: Class ProductionLine
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Class ProductionLine

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Class that collects the production line data.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, id, data)
Inits self from yaml data
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__init(self) source code
__str__(self) source code
alter_production_time(self, modifier)
Sets time to original production time multiplied by modifier
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change_amount(self, res, amount)
Alters an amount of a res at runtime.
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save(self, db, for_worldid) source code
load(self, db, for_worldid) source code
Returns a copy of this production, in its original state, no changes applied
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Method Details [hide private]

change_amount(self, res, amount)

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Alters an amount of a res at runtime. Because of redundancy, you can only change amounts here.