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Class SingleUseProduction

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util.changelistener.ChangeListener --+    
                            Production --+

This Production just produces one time, and then finishes. Notification of the finishing is done via production_finished listeners. Use case: Settler getting upgrade material

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, inventory, owner_inventory, prod_id, prod_data, **kwargs) source code
_finished_producing(self, **kwargs)
Called when the production finishes.
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    Inherited from Production
__str__(self) source code
_add_listeners(self, check_now=False)
Listen for changes in the inventory from now on.
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Calls every listener when an object changed
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Checks if all required resources are there.
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Checks if there is enough space in the inventory for the res, we want to produce.
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Called when assigned building's inventory changed in some way
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remove the part of the state history that is too old to matter
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_get_first_relevant_tick(self, ignore_pause)
Returns the first tick that is relevant for production utilization calculation
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Returns the callback used during the process of producing (state: producing)
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Put produces goods to the inventory
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Called when there are enough res in the inventory for starting production
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_remove_listeners(self) source code
Removes the resources from the inventory, that production takes.
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Actually start production.
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alter_production_time(self, modifier)
@see ProductionLine.alter_production_time
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Returns whether the production should change the animation
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Makes the production finish now
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get_age(self) source code
Returns the production's current state, but only if it effects the animation, else None
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Res that are consumed here.
source code
Res that are produced here.
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@return dict of produced units {unit_id: amount}
source code
Returns id of production line
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get_production_time(self) source code
Returns the Production's current state
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get_state_history_times(self, ignore_pause)
Returns the part of time 0 <= x <= 1 the production has been in a state during the last history_length ticks.
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Returns all produced res for whose there is no space
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is_paused(self) source code
load(self, db, worldid) source code
pause(self, pause=True) source code
remove(self) source code
save(self, db, owner_id)
owner_id: worldid of the owner of the producer object that owns this production
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toggle_pause(self) source code
    Inherited from util.changelistener.ChangeListener
add_change_listener(self, listener, call_listener_now=False, no_duplicates=False) source code
add_remove_listener(self, listener, no_duplicates=False)
A listener that listens for removal of the object
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Removes all change listeners
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discard_change_listener(self, listener)
Remove listener if it's there
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discard_remove_listener(self, listener) source code
end(self) source code
has_change_listener(self, listener) source code
has_remove_listener(self, listener) source code
remove_change_listener(self, listener) source code
remove_remove_listener(self, listener) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
    Inherited from Production
  keep_original_prod_line = False
  log = logging.getLogger('world.production')
  uses_gold = False
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, inventory, owner_inventory, prod_id, prod_data, **kwargs)

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  • inventory - interface to the world, take res from here and put output back there
  • owner_inventory - same as inventory, but for gold. Usually the players'.
  • prod_id - int id of the production line
  • prod_data - ?
  • start_finished - Whether to start at the final state of a production
  • load - set to True if this production is supposed to load a saved production
Overrides: util.changelistener.ChangeListener.__init__

_finished_producing(self, **kwargs)

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Called when the production finishes.

Overrides: Production._finished_producing
(inherited documentation)