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Class Path

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component.componentholder.ComponentHolder --+

Object with path functionality

Instance Methods [hide private]
load(self, db, worldid) source code
init(self) source code
__init(self) source code
remove(self) source code
is_road(self, tile) source code
recalculate_surrounding_tile_orientation(self) source code
recalculate_orientation(self) source code
    Inherited from component.componentholder.ComponentHolder
__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) source code
add_component(self, component)
Adds new component to holder and sets the instance attribute on the component
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get_component(self, component) source code
get_component_by_name(self, name) source code
has_component(self, component_class)
Check if holder has component with component name
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initialize(self, **kwargs)
Has to be called every time a componentholder is created.
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remove_component(self, component_class)
Removes component from holder.
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save(self, db) source code
Class Methods [hide private]
    Inherited from component.componentholder.ComponentHolder
get_component_template(cls, component)
Returns the component template data given a component NAME
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Class Variables [hide private]
  walkable = True
    Inherited from component.componentholder.ComponentHolder
  class_mapping = {'AmbientSoundComponent': AmbientSoundComponen...
Method Details [hide private]

load(self, db, worldid)

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Overrides: component.componentholder.ComponentHolder.load


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Overrides: component.componentholder.ComponentHolder.remove