Package horizons :: Package world :: Package building :: Module buildingresourcehandler :: Class BuildingResourceHandler
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Class BuildingResourceHandler

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resourcehandler.ResourceTransferHandler --+    
            resourcehandler.ResourceHandler --+

A Resourcehandler that is also a building. This class exists because we keep a list of all buildings, that provide something at the island.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, island, **kwargs) source code
initialize(self) source code
__init(self) source code
load(self, db, worldid) source code
remove(self) source code
on_production_finished(self, caller, resources) source code
is_valid_tradable_resource(self, resources)
Checks if the produced resource tradable (can be carried by collectors).
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_set_running_costs_to_status(self, caller, activate) source code
    Inherited from resourcehandler.ResourceHandler
Returns the inventory of the owner to be able to retrieve special resources such as gold.
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Returns a iterable obj containing all resources this building provides.
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add_incoming_collector(self, collector) source code
get_available_pickup_amount(self, res, collector)
Returns how much of res a collector may pick up.
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get_consumed_resources(self, include_inactive=False)
Returns the needed resources that are used by the productions currently active.
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Returns a list of resources, that are currently consumed in a production.
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Needed, but not currently consumed resources.
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Returns list of resources, where free space in the inventory exists.
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Returns the resources, that are produced by productions, that are currently active
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Returns provided resources, where at least 1 ton is available
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pickup_resources(self, res, amount, collector)
Try to get amount number of resources of id res_id that are in stock and removes them from the stock.
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remove_incoming_collector(self, collector) source code
save(self, db) source code
    Inherited from resourcehandler.ResourceTransferHandler
transfer_to_storageholder(self, amount, res_id, transfer_to, signal_errors=False)
Transfers amount of res_id to transfer_to.
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Class Variables [hide private]
    Inherited from resourcehandler.ResourceHandler
  tabs = ProductionOverviewTab, InventoryTab
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, island, **kwargs)

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Overrides: resourcehandler.ResourceHandler.__init__


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Overrides: resourcehandler.ResourceHandler.initialize

load(self, db, worldid)

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Overrides: resourcehandler.ResourceHandler.load


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Overrides: resourcehandler.ResourceHandler.remove