Package horizons :: Package util :: Module yamlcache :: Class YamlCache
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Class YamlCache

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Loads and caches YAML files in a persistent cache. Threadsafe.

Use get_file for files to cache (default case) or load_yaml_data for special use cases (behaves like yaml.load).

Class Methods [hide private]
load_yaml_data(cls, string_or_stream)
Use this instead of yaml.load everywhere in uh in case get_file isn't useable
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get_file(cls, filename, game_data=False)
Get contents of a yaml file
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_open_cache(cls) source code
Only write to disc once in a while, it's too slow when done every time
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Class Variables [hide private]
  cache = None
  cache_filename = os.path.join(PATHS.CACHE_DIR, 'yamldata.cache')
  sync_scheduled = False
  lock = threading.Lock()
  log = logging.getLogger("yamlcache")
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get_file(cls, filename, game_data=False)
Class Method

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Get contents of a yaml file

  • filename - path to the file
  • game_data - Whether this file contains data like BUILDINGS.LUMBERJACK to resolve