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Class SavegameAccessor

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dbreader.DbReader --+

SavegameAccessor is the class used for loading saved games.

Frequent select queries are preloaded for faster access.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, game_identifier, is_map, options=None) source code
Closes the db
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_load_building(self) source code
get_building_row(self, worldid)
Returns (x, y, location, rotation, level)
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get_building_location(self, worldid) source code
_load_settlement(self) source code
get_settlement_owner(self, worldid)
Returns the id of the owner of the settlement or None otherwise
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get_settlement_island(self, worldid) source code
_load_concrete_object(self) source code
get_concrete_object_data(self, worldid) source code
_load_production(self) source code
get_production_by_id_and_owner(self, id, ownerid) source code
get_production_line_id(self, production_worldid)
Returns the prod_line_id of the given production
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get_production_lines_by_owner(self, owner)
Returns the prod_line_id of the given production
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get_production_state_history(self, worldid, prod_id) source code
_load_storage(self) source code
get_storage_rowids_by_ownerid(self, ownerid)
Returns potentially empty list of worldids referencing storages
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_load_wildanimal(self) source code
get_wildanimal_row(self, worldid)
Returns (health, can_reproduce)
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_load_unit(self) source code
get_unit_owner(self, worldid) source code
_load_building_collector(self) source code
get_building_collectors_data(self, worldid)
Returns (id of the building collector's home or None otherwise, creation_tick)
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get_building_collector_job_history(self, worldid) source code
_load_production_line(self) source code
get_production_line_row(self, for_worldid) source code
_load_unit_path(self) source code
get_unit_path(self, worldid) source code
_load_storage_global_limit(self) source code
get_storage_global_limit(self, worldid) source code
_load_health(self) source code
get_health(self, owner) source code
_load_fish_data(self) source code
get_last_fish_usage_tick(self, worldid) source code
    Inherited from dbreader.DbReader
__call__(self, command, *args)
Executes a sql command.
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cached_query(self, command)
Same as cachedfunction, but works also for methods.
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execute_many(self, command, parameters)
Executes a sql command for each sequence or mapping found in parameters.
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execute_script(self, script)
Executes a multiline script.
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Class Methods [hide private]
get_players_num(cls, savegamefile)
Return number of regular human and ai players
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get_hash(cls, savegamefile) source code
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, game_identifier, is_map, options=None)

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  • file - str containing the database file.
Overrides: dbreader.DbReader.__init__


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Closes the db

Overrides: dbreader.DbReader.close
(inherited documentation)