Package horizons :: Package util :: Package loaders :: Module sqliteanimationloader :: Class SQLiteAnimationLoader
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Class SQLiteAnimationLoader

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Loads animations from a SQLite database.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self) source code
loadResource(self, location)
@param location: String with the location.
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_get_loader(self, actionset) source code
load_image(self, f, actionset, action, rotation) source code
Method Details [hide private]

loadResource(self, location)

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@param location: String with the location. See below for details:
Location format: <animation_id>:<command>:<params> (e.g.: "123:shift:left-16, bottom-8)
Available commands:
- shift:
Shift the image using the params left, right, center, middle for x shifting and
y-shifting with the params: top, bottom, center, middle.
A param looks like this: "param_x(+/-)value, param_y(+/-)value" (e.g.: left-16, bottom+8)
- cut:
#TODO: complete documentation