Package horizons :: Package messaging :: Module queuingmessagebus :: Class QueuingMessageBus
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Class QueuingMessageBus

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messagebus.MessageBus --+

The QueuingMessageBus class is used to send Message instances from a sender to one or multiple recipients, with the additional property that messages will be saved to a queue if no callback is subscribed at the time they are sent.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self) source code
subscribe_globally(self, messagetype, callback) source code
subscribe_locally(self, messagetype, instance, callback) source code
broadcast(self, message) source code
clear(self, messagetype) source code
queue_len(self, messagetype) source code
reset(self) source code
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Inherited from messagebus.MessageBus: log

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Overrides: messagebus.MessageBus.__init__