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Class WorldObjectDeleted

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Message --+

Called when a world object is being deleted. Currently emitted in the process of destruction, i.e. you aren't guaranteed to be able to access any attributes. (Feel free to change the implementation if you need this).

Instance Methods [hide private]
    Inherited from Message
__init__(self, sender, *args) source code
Class Methods [hide private]
    Inherited from Message
broadcast(cls, *args)
Send a message that is initialized with `args`.
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discard(cls, callback, sender=None)
Similar to `Message.unsubscribe`, but does not raise an error if the callback has not been registered before.
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subscribe(cls, callback, sender=None)
Register a callback to be called whenever a message of this type is send.
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unsubscribe(cls, callback, sender=None)
Stop your subscription of this message type for the specified callback.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  arguments = 'worldobject', 'worldid',
    Inherited from Message
  bus = MessageBus