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Class SpeedChanged

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Message --+

Sent when the ingame speed has changed.

Instance Methods [hide private]
    Inherited from Message
__init__(self, sender, *args) source code
Class Methods [hide private]
    Inherited from Message
broadcast(cls, *args)
Send a message that is initialized with `args`.
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discard(cls, callback, sender=None)
Similar to `Message.unsubscribe`, but does not raise an error if the callback has not been registered before.
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subscribe(cls, callback, sender=None)
Register a callback to be called whenever a message of this type is send.
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unsubscribe(cls, callback, sender=None)
Stop your subscription of this message type for the specified callback.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  arguments = 'old', 'new',
    Inherited from Message
  bus = MessageBus