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Class TilingProgressBar

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fife.extensions.pychan.widgets.ABox --+    
                            ProgressBar --+

ProgressBar that tiles its fill image instead of stretching.

Also supports distinct left and right border/frame images which count towards the displayed progress value and fill images of width > 1px.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, left=None, right=None, **kwargs) source code
_get_progress(self) source code
_set_progress(self, progress) source code
_get_left_image(self) source code
_set_left_image(self, image) source code
_get_fill_image(self) source code
_set_fill_image(self, image) source code
_get_right_image(self) source code
_set_right_image(self, image) source code
    Inherited from ProgressBar
_get_background(self) source code
_set_background(self, background) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
  ATTRIBUTES = ProgressBar.ATTRIBUTES+ [Attr('left'), Attr('righ...
  progress = property(_get_progress, _set_progress)
  left = property(_get_left_image, _set_left_image)
  fill = property(_get_fill_image, _set_fill_image)
  right = property(_get_right_image, _set_right_image)
    Inherited from ProgressBar
  background = property(_get_background, _set_background)
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, left=None, right=None, **kwargs)

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Overrides: ProgressBar.__init__


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Overrides: ProgressBar._get_progress

_set_progress(self, progress)

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Overrides: ProgressBar._set_progress


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Overrides: ProgressBar._get_fill_image

_set_fill_image(self, image)

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Overrides: ProgressBar._set_fill_image

Class Variable Details [hide private]


ProgressBar.ATTRIBUTES+ [Attr('left'), Attr('right')]