Package horizons :: Package gui :: Package widgets :: Module productionoverview :: Class MultiPageStatsWidget
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Class MultiPageStatsWidget

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statswidget.StatsWidget --+

A widget that creates a large table with statistics that can be browsed through page by page.

Instance Methods [hide private]
_init_gui(self) source code
_clear_entries(self) source code
    Inherited from statswidget.StatsWidget
__init__(self, session, center_widget=False) source code
_refresh_tick(self) source code
hide(self) source code
is_visible(self) source code
refresh(self) source code
show(self) source code
toggle_visibility(self) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
  widget_file_name = None
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Overrides: statswidget.StatsWidget._init_gui


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Overrides: statswidget.StatsWidget._clear_entries