Package horizons :: Package gui :: Package modules :: Module hotkeys_settings :: Class HotkeyConfiguration
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Class HotkeyConfiguration

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self) source code
_build_interface(self) source code
_create_button(self, action, index)
Important! The button name is set to index so that when a button is pressed, we know its index
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_detect_click_on_button(self, button, column)
Starts the listener and remembers the position and index of the pressed button
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_detect_keypress(self, event) source code
update_buttons_text(self) source code
Binds the last keypress to the corresponding action and resets the interface to the state where it is listening for clicks on buttons
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key_name(self, key) source code
key_is_set(self, key) source code
Returns a dict mapping action -> list of keys
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get_action_name(self, key) source code
Resets all bindings to default
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Saves the settings and reloads the keyConfiguration so that the settings take effect without a restart
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show(self) source code
hide(self) source code