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Class SettingsTab

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gui.tabs.tabinterface.TabInterface --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, world_editor, ingame_gui) source code
_set_cursor_tile(self, tile) source code
_cursor_inside(self) source code
_cursor_outside(self) source code
_get_tile_image(self, tile) source code
_change_brush_size(self, size)
Change the brush size and update the gui.
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    Inherited from gui.tabs.tabinterface.TabInterface
_get_position(self) source code
Schedule a refresh soon, dropping all other refresh request, that appear until then.
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_set_position(self, value)
Sets the widgets position to tuple *value*
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Gets the widget and sets up some attributes and helper.
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Called when a tab is shown, acts as hook for lazy loading
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Loads the filename in self.widget.
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Hides the current widget
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Initialize widget after it was loaded.
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is_visible(self) source code
This function is called by the TabWidget to redraw the widget.
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Shows the current widget
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Class Methods [hide private]
    Inherited from gui.tabs.tabinterface.TabInterface
shown_for(cls, instance)
Method for fine-grained control of which tabs to show.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  widget = 'editor_settings.xml'
  lazy_loading = False
    Inherited from gui.tabs.tabinterface.TabInterface
  icon_path = 'images/tabwidget/tab'
  position = property(_get_position, _set_position)
  scheduled_update_delay = 0.4
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, world_editor, ingame_gui)

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  • widget - filename of a widget. Set this to None if you create your widget in `get_widget`.
  • widget - Filename of widget to load.
  • icon_path - Where to look for ImageButton icons. Note: this is a `path` attribute!
Overrides: gui.tabs.tabinterface.TabInterface.__init__
(inherited documentation)