Package horizons :: Package editor :: Module gui :: Class IngameGui
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Class IngameGui

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, session) source code
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handle_selection_group(self, num, ctrl_pressed) source code
toggle_pause(self) source code
toggle_help(self) source code
load(self, savegame) source code
Called after the world editor was initialized.
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Make sure the full right top gui is visible and not covered by some dialog
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Shows a dialog where the user can set the name of the saved map.
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on_escape(self) source code
on_key_press(self, action, evt) source code
set_cursor(self, which='default', *args, **kwargs)
Sets the mousetool (i.e.
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_update_zoom(self, message)
Enable/disable zoom buttons
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Class Variables [hide private]
  minimap = livingProperty()
  keylistener = livingProperty()
  message_widget = livingProperty()
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set_cursor(self, which='default', *args, **kwargs)

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Sets the mousetool (i.e. cursor). This is done here for encapsulation and control over destructors. Further arguments are passed to the mouse tool constructor.