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Class FieldBuilder

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Component --+

Component for production buildings. It adds a hook `fill_range` to fill the
building range with a specified 1x1 field. The usual buildability constraints
for that field apply. `fill_range` will only succeed if the cost for filling
the entire range can be paid - there is no automated partial construction.
For GUI purposes, some more information is exposed:
- how many fields would be built at once
- total resource cost
- whether the build is affordable right now.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, field)
Used for initialization code that does not require any other components.
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how_many(self) source code
total_cost(self) source code
check_resources(self) source code
coords_in_range(self) source code
fill_range(self) source code
    Inherited from Component
__gt__(self, other) source code
__lt__(self, other) source code
This is called by the ComponentHolder after it set the instance.
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load(self, db, worldid)
This does on load what __init() and initalize() together do on constructions at runtime.
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Removes component and reference to instance
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save(self, db)
Will do nothing, but will be always called in componentholder code, even if not implemented.
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Class Methods [hide private]
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get_instance(cls, arguments=None)
This function is used to instantiate classes from yaml data.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  NAME = 'FieldBuilder'
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Properties [hide private]
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Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, field)

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Used for initialization code that does not require any other components. This is always called first, on construction and on load.

Overrides: Component.__init__
(inherited documentation)


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