Package horizons :: Package ai :: Package aiplayer :: Package strategy :: Module strategymanager :: Class PirateStrategyManager
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Class PirateStrategyManager

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StrategyManager --+

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, owner) source code
get_ships_for_mission(self) source code
__init(self, owner) source code
    Inherited from StrategyManager
_load(self, db) source code
calculate_player_balance(self, player, trimming_factor=10.0, linear_boundary=10.0)
Calculate power balance between self.owner and other player.
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calculate_player_power_balance(self, other_player)
Calculates power balance between two players.
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calculate_player_terrain_balance(self, other_player)
Calculates balance between sizes of terrain, i.e.
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calculate_player_wealth_balance(self, other_player)
Calculates wealth balance between two players.
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conditions(self) source code
end(self) source code
end_mission(self, mission) source code
get_missions(self, condition=None)
Get missions filtered by certain condition (by default return all missions)
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handle_strategy(self) source code
lock_condition(self, condition, mission) source code
report_failure(self, mission, msg) source code
report_success(self, mission, msg) source code
request_to_pause_mission(self, mission, **environment)
Returns: returns True if mission is allowed to pause, False otherwise
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save(self, db) source code
start_mission(self, mission) source code
tick(self) source code
unlock_condition(self, mission) source code
Class Methods [hide private]
load(cls, db, owner) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
    Inherited from StrategyManager
  log = logging.getLogger("ai.aiplayer.fleetmission")
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, owner)

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Overrides: StrategyManager.__init__


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Overrides: StrategyManager.get_ships_for_mission

load(cls, db, owner)
Class Method

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Overrides: StrategyManager.load