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Class LandManager

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util.changelistener.ChangeListener --+    
          util.worldobject.WorldObject --+

Divides and manages the division of the land of one island.

The idea is that the LandManager object divides the land of the island between different purposes (currently the production area and on non-feeder islands the village area) and from that point on the different area managers are limited to that land unless they decide to give some of it up (currently happens with the village area).

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, island, owner, feeder_island) source code
__init(self, island, owner, feeder_island) source code
save(self, db) source code
_load(self, db, owner, worldid) source code
_get_coastline(self) source code
refresh_resource_deposits(self) source code
Divide the whole island between the purposes.
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coords_usable(self, coords, use_coast=False)
Return a boolean showing whether the land on the given coordinate is usable for a normal building.
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legal_for_production(self, rect)
Return a boolean showing whether every tile in the Rect is either in the production area or on the coast.
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_get_usability_map(self, extra_space)
Return a tuple describing the usability of the island.
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_divide(self, side1, side2)
Divide the total land area between different purposes trying to achieve a side1 x side2 rectangle for the village.
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Assign all the usable land of the island to the production area.
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add_to_production(self, coords)
Assign a current village tile to the production area.
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handle_lost_area(self, coords_list)
Handle losing the potential land in the given coordinates list.
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Show the plan on the map unless it is disabled in the settings.
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__str__(self) source code
    Inherited from util.worldobject.WorldObject
__lt__(self, other) source code
remove(self) source code
    Inherited from util.changelistener.ChangeListener
Calls every listener when an object changed
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add_change_listener(self, listener, call_listener_now=False, no_duplicates=False) source code
add_remove_listener(self, listener, no_duplicates=False)
A listener that listens for removal of the object
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Removes all change listeners
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discard_change_listener(self, listener)
Remove listener if it's there
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discard_remove_listener(self, listener) source code
end(self) source code
has_change_listener(self, listener) source code
has_remove_listener(self, listener) source code
remove_change_listener(self, listener) source code
remove_remove_listener(self, listener) source code
Class Methods [hide private]
load(cls, db, owner, worldid) source code
    Inherited from util.worldobject.WorldObject
get_object_by_id(cls, id)
Returns the worldobject with id id Throws WorldObjectNotFound with the worldid as arg.
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get_objs(cls) source code
reset(cls) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
  log = logging.getLogger("ai.aiplayer.land_manager")
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, island, owner, feeder_island)

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  • island - Island instance
  • owner - AIPlayer instance
  • feeder_island - boolean showing whether this is a feeder island (no village area)
Overrides: util.changelistener.ChangeListener.__init__

save(self, db)

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load(cls, db, owner, worldid)
Class Method

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Overrides: util.changelistener.ChangeListener.load


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Divide the whole island between the purposes. The proportions depend on the personality.

_get_usability_map(self, extra_space)

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Return a tuple describing the usability of the island.

The return format is ({x, y): usable, ..}, min_x - extra_space, max_x, min_y - extra_space, max_y) where the dict contains ever key for x in [min_x, max_x] and y in [min_y, max_y] and the usability value says whether we can use that part of the land for normal buildings.