Package horizons :: Package ai :: Package aiplayer :: Package behavior :: Module behaviorcomponents :: Class BehaviorDoNothing
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Class BehaviorDoNothing

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BehaviorComponent --+

Behavior that does nothing. Used mainly for idle actions (we don't want to scout too often).

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, owner) source code
no_one_in_sight(self, **environment) source code
    Inherited from BehaviorComponent
_certainty_has_boat_builder(self, **environment) source code
_certainty_has_fleet(self, **environment) source code
certainty(self, action_name, **environment) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
    Inherited from BehaviorComponent
  default_certainty = 1.0
  log = logging.getLogger('ai.aiplayer.behavior.behaviorcomponen...
  minimal_fleet_size = 1
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__init__(self, owner)

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Overrides: BehaviorComponent.__init__