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Class AIPlayer

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component.componentholder.ComponentHolder --+        
   util.changelistener.ChangeListener --+   |        
                                        |   |        
             util.worldobject.WorldObject --+        
                          world.player.Player --+    
                                generic.GenericAI --+

This is the AI that builds settlements.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, session, id, name, color, clientid, difficulty_level, **kwargs) source code
Start the AI tick process.
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finish_init(self) source code
called when a new ship is added to the fleet
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__init(self) source code
get_random_profile(self, token) source code
start_mission(self, mission) source code
report_success(self, mission, msg) source code
report_failure(self, mission, msg) source code
save(self, db) source code
_load(self, db, worldid)
This function makes it possible to load playerdata into an already allocated Player instance, which is used e.g.
source code
finish_loading(self, db)
This is called separately because most objects are loaded after the player.
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tick(self) source code
Same as above but used for reasoning that is not required to be called as often (such as diplomacy, strategy etc.)
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handle_settlements(self) source code
request_ship(self) source code
request_combat_ship(self) source code
add_building(self, building) source code
remove_building(self, building) source code
remove_unit(self, unit) source code
count_buildings(self, building_id) source code
notify_mine_empty(self, message)
The Mine calls this function to let the player know that the mine is empty.
source code
notify_new_disaster(self, message) source code
_on_settlement_range_changed(self, message)
Stores the ownership changes in a list for later processing.
source code
handle_enemy_expansions(self) source code
handle_enemy_settling_on_our_chosen_island(self, island_id) source code
__str__(self) source code
Called to speed up session destruction.
source code
end(self) source code
    Inherited from generic.GenericAI
send_ship(self, ship) source code
send_ship_random(self, ship)
Sends a ship to a random position on the map.
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ship_idle(self, ship)
Called if a ship is idle.
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    Inherited from world.player.Player
This takes a while to calculate, so only do it every 2 seconds at most
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get_latest_stats(self) source code
Returns a namedtuple containing player-wide statistics
source code
initialize(self, inventory)
Has to be called every time a componentholder is created.
source code
is_local_player(self) source code
notify_settler_reached_level(self, message)
Settler calls this to notify the player.
source code
Calculate settlements dynamically to save having a redundant list here
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    Inherited from component.componentholder.ComponentHolder
add_component(self, component)
Adds new component to holder and sets the instance attribute on the component
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get_component(self, component) source code
get_component_by_name(self, name) source code
has_component(self, component_class)
Check if holder has component with component name
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remove(self) source code
remove_component(self, component_class)
Removes component from holder.
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    Inherited from util.worldobject.WorldObject
__lt__(self, other) source code
    Inherited from util.changelistener.ChangeListener
Calls every listener when an object changed
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add_change_listener(self, listener, call_listener_now=False, no_duplicates=False) source code
add_remove_listener(self, listener, no_duplicates=False)
A listener that listens for removal of the object
source code
Removes all change listeners
source code
discard_change_listener(self, listener)
Remove listener if it's there
source code
discard_remove_listener(self, listener) source code
has_change_listener(self, listener) source code
has_remove_listener(self, listener) source code
remove_change_listener(self, listener) source code
remove_remove_listener(self, listener) source code
Class Methods [hide private]
load_abstract_buildings(cls, db) source code
clear_caches(cls) source code
    Inherited from world.player.Player
load(cls, session, db, worldid) source code
    Inherited from component.componentholder.ComponentHolder
get_component_template(cls, component)
Returns the component template data given a component NAME
source code
    Inherited from util.worldobject.WorldObject
get_object_by_id(cls, id)
Returns the worldobject with id id Throws WorldObjectNotFound with the worldid as arg.
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get_objs(cls) source code
reset(cls) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
  shipStates = Enum.get_extended(GenericAI.shipStates, 'on_a_mis...
  log = logging.getLogger("ai.aiplayer")
  tick_interval = 32
  tick_long_interval = 128
    Inherited from world.player.Player
  component_templates = {'StorageComponent': {'PositiveStorage':...
  regular_player = True
    Inherited from component.componentholder.ComponentHolder
  class_mapping = {'AmbientSoundComponent': AmbientSoundComponen...
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, session, id, name, color, clientid, difficulty_level, **kwargs)

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  • session - Session instance
  • worldid - player's worldid
  • name - user-chosen name
  • color - color of player (as Color)
  • clientid - id of client
  • inventory - {res: value} that are put in the players inventory
Overrides: util.changelistener.ChangeListener.__init__


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Start the AI tick process. Try to space out their ticks evenly.

save(self, db)

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_load(self, db, worldid)

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This function makes it possible to load playerdata into an already allocated Player instance, which is used e.g. in Trader.load

Overrides: world.player.Player._load
(inherited documentation)


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Overrides: util.changelistener.ChangeListener.end

Class Variable Details [hide private]


Enum.get_extended(GenericAI.shipStates, 'on_a_mission',)