Package horizons :: Package gui :: Package widgets :: Module resourceoverviewbar :: Class ResBarMouseTool
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Class ResBarMouseTool

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        fife.fife.IMouseListener --+        
    mousetools.cursortool.CursorTool --+    
mousetools.navigationtool.NavigationTool --+

Temporary mousetool for resource selection. Terminates self on mousePressed and restores old tool

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, session, old_tool, on_click) source code
mousePressed(self, evt) source code
Enable old tool again
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    Inherited from mousetools.navigationtool.NavigationTool
Hover instances have potentially changed, do an update in a timely fashion (but not right away)
source code
Broadcast update with new instances below mouse (hovered).
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end(self) source code
get_hover_instances(self, where, layers=None)
Utility method, returns the instances under the cursor
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mouseDragged(self, evt) source code
mouseMoved(self, evt) source code
mouseReleased(self, evt) source code
mouseWheelMovedDown(self, evt) source code
mouseWheelMovedUp(self, evt) source code
onCommand(self, command)
Called when some kind of command-event happens.
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remove(self) source code
    Inherited from mousetools.cursortool.CursorTool
_get_screenpoint(self, arg)
Python lacks polymorphism.
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_round_map_coords(self, map_x, map_y)
Returns the coordinates of an event at the map.
source code
Call this to not get events.
source code
Call this to get events.
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get_exact_world_location(self, evt)
Returns the coordinates of an event at the map.
source code
get_world_location(self, evt) source code
mouseClicked(self, evt) source code
mouseEntered(self, evt) source code
mouseExited(self, evt) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
    Inherited from mousetools.navigationtool.NavigationTool
  last_event_pos = fife.ScreenPoint(0, 0)
  last_hover_instances = WeakList()
  send_hover_instances_update = True
    Inherited from mousetools.cursortool.CursorTool
  log = logging.getLogger("gui.mousetools")
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, session, old_tool, on_click)

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Overrides: mousetools.cursortool.CursorTool.__init__

mousePressed(self, evt)

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Overrides: mousetools.cursortool.CursorTool.mousePressed