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Class _MOFileParser

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object --+

A class to parse binary mo files.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, mofile, *args, **kwargs)
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Build the instance with the file handle provided in the constructor.
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_build_entry(self, msgid, msgstr=None, msgid_plural=None, msgstr_plural=None) source code
_readbinary(self, fmt, numbytes)
Private method that unpack n bytes of data using format <fmt>.
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__init__(self, mofile, *args, **kwargs)

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Keyword arguments:

    string, path to the mo file or its content

    string, the encoding to use, defaults to ``default_encoding``
    global variable (optional).

    whether to check for duplicate entries when adding entries to the
    file (optional, default: ``False``).

Overrides: object.__init__

_readbinary(self, fmt, numbytes)

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Private method that unpack n bytes of data using format <fmt>. It returns a tuple or a mixed value if the tuple length is 1.